Sandwich wall System

Large panel sizes,Perfect flatness

Great thermal insulation performance

Various fabrication and installation systems available

Low weight, flexible installation and disassembly


The Sandwich Wall System

features outstanding thermal insulation

performance that helps greatly reduce

heating/cooling costs while maintain

comfortable indoor temperature all year around.


The Sandwich Wall System is highly rigid yet lightweight construction. It weights at about 12.5kg with a thickness of 50mm, which is 1/2 the weight of aerated concrete blocks and 1/8 of conventional concrete.

Noise insulation:

Premium core materials, i.e. high-density and fire-inhibiting rock wool, AIREX® or BALTEK® allow the Sandwich Wall System to efficiently control and isolate noise, meeting various noise regulations in architectural products.

Fire prevention:

The Sandwich Wall System features superb fireproof performance.

Size precision:

As per client requirement, the Sandwich Wall System offers one-stop processing service at one of our dedicated 3A sites, including integration of the installation profiles within the system. Our well-developed quality control and production processes ensure ultimate precision in size and dimensions of the entire system.


With our unique dry fastener system, the lightweight system is very quick and easy to install.

Extended service life:

The Sandwich Wall System utilizes premium materials with an adaptable installation system that’s ready for use in harsh conditions. It is capable of self-adjustment to t hermal expansion and contraction, thus guaranteeing long-term and stable performance of the system.


Eco-friendly materials that meet green regulations of the EU, the United States and many other countries.

Recycle and reuse:

All materials and production supplies can be recycled and reused.